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Who we are

We are knowledgeable GLP consultants with vast multi-national experience to help your company launch agricultural products. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry. We work with a high technical efficient group, focusing on specific needs of each client, offering a great cost efficiency.

We communicate openly, follow global regulations (GLP), manage our projects to maintain established timelines to help companies deregulate their products faster

✔ We partner with the best field and laboratory contract research organizations (CRO's) in the US and South America for studies involving all major crops including, corn, soybean, cotton, canola, wheat, sugar cane and eucalyptus.

Career Highlights

Ariane Schafer


  • Experience of over 18 years in the agricultural science arena (Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences, Covance and Eurofins) providing project management, direction, cost estimates and financial information experience to ensure business goals are met.

  • Study Director and Principal Investigator of critical studies for the registration of: traits in seeds, pesticides and animal drugs/feeds.

  • Built and led successful teams for Biotechnology Regulatory Science in Brazil and Covance/Eurofins, USA.

  • Effectively partnered with diverse scientific disciplines on project and regulatory teams ensuring regulatory guidelines were met in several different geographies, on time and within budget.

Barry Schafer

Vice President

  • Thirty years of hands-on agricultural biotech experience with 18 years dedicated to global biotech regulatory sciences and strategy.

  • Global strategy leader and a member of all biotechnology regulatory strategy teams that successfully launched Herculex®, WideStrike®, PowerCore®, SmartStax® and Enlist® product lines.

  • Critical member of the Biotechnology Regulatory Sciences Leadership Team that developed budgets, growth strategies, capabilities, capacity and long-term plans/goals for Dow AgroSciences for more than a decade.

  • Identified and partnered with multiple external CRO’s to develop new capacities to deliver regulatory data for global deregulation of biotechnology products.

  • Represented Dow AgroSciences on ILSI and CLI (chaired) industry working groups to harmonize regulatory data submitted to global regulatory agencies.


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GLP Study Directorship/Project Management

  • Crop Composition, Protein Expression and Agronomic Studies

    • Contact and manage all phases of field and laboratory studies including proper communication, personnel training and development to assure quality results

    • Sample collection and shipment to laboratory for analysis

    • Contract and manage labs for protein expression / composition analysis

  • Protein Expression Laboratory Development/Validation

    • Provide consultation to set up laboratory and equipment

    • Manage, develop and train lab personnel

      • Laboratory GLP validation

      • Review data quality/reliability

    • Serve as a testing facility

    • Serve as the study director with complete study responsibility

    • Write or co-develop protocols

    • Review / compile data

    • Write GLP reports

    • Manage GLP audits

    • Review dossiers

Residue Studies

  • Contract and manage all phases of field and laboratory studies including proper personnel training and development to assure quality (GLP or non-GLP)

  • Sample collection and shipment to lab for analysis

  • Contract and manage laboratories for residue analysis


Denise Cerqueira

Ariane has a lot of technical knowledge on biotechonology and global regulatory requirements and above that, is easy to work with! Based in our expirence working together, I can confidently recommend Ariane for project management in general and people leadership.

Cinthia Silva

Ariane is an extremely focused and competent professional with a spirit of teamwork. She is very responsible, loves challenges, and seeks to exercise her activities with a focus on results. She is a generous and reliable person. She's a fantastic professional!

Anita Parizzi

Ariane Schafer has always shown responsibility and team spirit. Leading her team with leadership and connection. Exceeding expectations in service quality, being proactive and attentive. Excellence and efficiency in conducting projects.

Maria Paula Rosseto Galan

Schafer Scientific Solutions is a company that provides consultancy on regulatory matters.

Ariane and Barry have vast technical knowledge that complements each other. They work with us on developing regulatory strategy and conducting several studies such as bioinformatics, digestibility, thermostability, protein expression and ELISA development. All analyzes have high standards, excellent reports and everything was delivered within the established deadlines.

I highly recommend SSS with the certainty they will exceed all expectations."